Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brian Wilson is going to play for Dodgers


Brian Wilson is once again in news. The man who is always excited is happier than before. Well he is going to play for Dodgers. He said that he is damn excited to bring his takent to L.A. He is boosted and got a higher energy level for playing for Dodgers.

He with his famous beard style is running on the roads, giving interviews. He epresses his excitement in the way he always do.The deal is of $1 million for 1year contract with Dodgers. Brian said, ''Well I am a pretty big American fan.... red, white and Dodger blue, I guess.''

The oher people are also excited to see him in action. While talking about San Francisco scenario, He said, ''I got much love for San Francisco. We had a good time. But there's nothing I can do ... they don't want me back.''Well lets check out what will happen. he is in full confidence ready to face any one. So lets see what Beard will do.


Update #1:
The day Mom went to Oregon, Zest got adopted.  Mom found out about it when she was checking her email on her new iPhone while riding the tram thingy at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.


Update #2:
Alec got adopted on Monday, so Mom did not have to bring him home from PetSmart when she brought the other kittens home.


Update #3:
The other six kittens have been growing, and they are now almost as big as Dorrie.  They do a lot of romping and scampering through the house, which makes it hard for me to take a decent nap.


Update #4:
Mom also brought Audra home from PetSmart.  She was the mother of five of the kittens, as you probably remember.  She had not been here for several weeks because first she was staying at the shelter until her milk dried up.  Then she got spayed, and then she went out to PetSmart, where she stayed for two weeks, but nobody adopted her yet.

We think that the only thing Audra did since she left here is sleep and eat, because now she is kind of plump.  She growls at everybody in the house except for Mom, but we hope she'll get used to being here again pretty soon.  Audra even growls at her own kittens, but maybe she forgot who they are.


Update #5:
Yesterday Mom brought home some new foster kittens because she's an old softie and also crazy.  Before she went to Oregon, Mom saw two little kittens at the shelter who did not have a foster home to go to.  One of the kittens is named Seth.  He is a black kitten, and he is totally blind.


The other kitten is Buttercup.  At first we thought she was blind in one eye, but now that eye looks better.  It just has some scarring and is kind of filmy-looking.  So she maybe can see light and dark and some shapes with that eye.  Seth will probably have to have both his eyes taken out, but Buttercup will get to keep both of hers.

Seth and Buttercup

Anyway, on Monday Mom told Aunt Tania Monday that she could foster Seth and Buttercup.  Then yesterday, Mom went to the shelter to get them, and guess what!  There was a third kitten in the cage with them, and his name is Chief.  Some fire fighters found Chief under a bush by their fire station.  Chief's eyes are fine, but he is very small and bony.  His head is too big for his body, so he looks like a little bobble-head kitten.


Aunt Tania said that Mom didn't have to take Chief home, but that Chief was bonded to the other two kittens now, and he would be lonely without them.  So like an idiot, Mom said she would take Chief home, too.  All three of these kittens are supposed to be about 7 weeks old, but they are small for their age because they didn't get enough yummy food when they were babies.  We think Seth's mom might have abandoned him because he was blind, but we don't know how the other kittens got lost from their mothers.

Mom and I think "Chief" is a strange name for a kitten, but we didn't get to choose his name.  Maybe he got named that because a fire chief brought him to the Humane Society.  That is the only reason we can think of why he would have that name.


Later on, I will have some better pictures of the new kittens.  Mom took these with her iPhone, and she is not very good at using it as a camera.  Also, the kittens refused to hold still and pose nicely for their photos.

Anyway, if you ask me, there are way too many cats and kittens in this house.  Sometimes I just feel like crawling under the bed to get away from the whole situation, but I'm afraid I might get stuck there and not be able to get out!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto Split


Famous due to his role in The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley is getting through hard time these days. His married life is in trouble. Thirty one years old Paul Wesley is an American actor best known for his television dramas ''The Vampire Diaries'' and ''Fallen''.


Torrey Devito is an American actress, model and musician. She is best knows as Liars actress. beautiful Torrey Devitto is twenty nine years old. They married two years ago in 2011. They will still remain good friends after divorcing. They had a great love story. they met on the sets of the ''kiiler movie''. And than they fall in love and married secretly. Both are young and have their life in front of them. they know better why they are doing this. they will remain good friends after getting divorced.

Jennifer Aniston Covers ''Glamour'' September 2013

With a hot new movie ''We are Millers'' Jennifer just hit the Galmour Magazine. She is the cover star of September 2013. The shoot is in black Noroiso Rodriguez dress.. She is looking sharp beautiful actress having her succesful past in her eyes.

She gave interview to her co star Jason Sudeikis. She shared a lot. She also talked about her fiance. Fort four years old Jennifer was really delighted while discussing her fiance. She said that Justin Theroux has great paternal instincts. She also related about Jason;s fiancee Olivia Wilde controversial speech and the scandal that made. but she was not looking happy while discussing that, in fact she was looking a bit angry.

On talking about happiness she said being happy is something really good. To be a happy person you want to know yourself . You want a family. She said that Jason and she has this thing (happiness) and they are going to marry soon.

Natasha Henstridge and Darius Campbell to divorce

Natasha Henstridge is a Canadian actress who get fame from her debut film ''Species''. She has a wonderfulcarrier as a actress and super model. Thirty eight years old Natasha is going through a tough period of her life. Natasha has just filed divorce from husband Darius Campbell (previously known as Darius Danesh).

Nobody knows what happened they just married two years before and had spent a wonderful Valentine's Day at Los Angeles. They married after having seven years old relationship. They have two kids trister and Asher. Well they are living in  california in one home but sources says that Darius will leave soon from her home located in Sharman Oaks, California.

Well now they are going to divorce as they just visited court with their lawyers. They will split because they agreed at divorce mutually. This beautiful couple is going to split. They had a long journey of love. They spent good time. No one knows what's the reason behind this.

Avril Lavigne and and Chad Kroeger having wonderful married life

The newly married couple is just enjoying their married life. They spent the honey moon in Italy. Chad Kroeger lover her a lot. He cried when he saw her beautiful bride in black gown. He said on wedding day that '' I had goosebumps from head to toe and my eyes get filled with tears. It's a moment i will never forger as long as I live''.

Chad proposed her and make his wish true of getting marry to her. Now they just attending parties together. Avril and Chad married during three days of celebrations at French chateau. Both are giving interviews and sharing their best experience. Avril just said that ''I felt so good walking to him. It made me feel like a complete women.''

Now they better know that which is the next spot they are going to visit. As every night they are spooted at new place having fun.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Well, Mom finally came home from Oregon, and she rescued us from where we were being boarded.  So now we are home again, all except for the foster kittens, and they are coming home later today.  We had an exhausting week, but now we are happy to be home where we can rest up.

View of Mt. Hood from Mom's plane

Mom took a lot of pictures while she was on her trip, and she learned a lot of stuff, but there is way too much for me to deal with in one blog entry.  So I thought I would just talk about one thing today, which is a mountain called Mount Hood.

Satellite view of Mt. Hood;
north is to the right

The way Mount Hood got started was that it was first of all a volcano.  Then every time the volcano erupted, it gradually piled up layers of lava and ash and all the other stuff that comes out of volcanoes.  So in that way, the mountain got to be taller and taller.

In the last 15,000 years, Mt. Hood has had at least four periods of eruptions.  The last three of these happened within the past 1,800 years, and the most recent period was between 220 and 170 years ago.  The last really big eruption was in 1781-82.  There was another, smaller one right before Lewis and Clark showed up in 1805.

Every year, there are several "earthquake swarms" at Mt. Hood.  This is when a whole bunch of little bitty earthquakes happen, instead of one big earthquake with some aftershocks.  Sometimes there are fumaroles on Mt. Hood, which means that steam and gases start coming out.  Also there are some hot springs.  Mt. Hood is thought to be the volcano in Oregon that is most likely to erupt.  But there is really only a 3% to 7% chance that it will erupt in the next 30 years.  The U.S. Geological Survey calls this kind of volcano "potentially active," but mostly people think of it as dormant.

A flower called vetch,
and also Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon, and it is one of the highest mountains in the whole country.  Every time someone measures the height of Mt. Hood, they seem to get a different number, so I will just pick a number from a 1993 scientific expedition.  They said the mountain was 11,239 feet tall.  If you want to get a better idea of what this means, you can just imagine stacking 5,619.5 basenjis on top of each other, and that would pretty much equal the height of Mt. Hood.

The Multnomah Indians called the mountain Wy'east.  But white people like to use their own names for things, so in 1792, British explorers called the mountain Mt. Hood, in honor of Admiral Samuel Hood.  Lewis and Clark first saw the mountain on October 18,1805.  They called it the Falls Mountain or Timm Mountain, which was the native name for Celilo Falls.  Later, Clark noted that the mountain was the one Vancouver's expedition had named Mt. Hood.
Mt. Hood glaciers

There are 12 glaciers on the mountain.  Palmer Glacier is the one that the most people visit, either for skiing or for climbing.  Above 7,000 feet, about 80% of the mountain is covered with glaciers and snowfields.  Between 1907 and 2004, the glaciers have gotten 34% smaller in size.

Mt. Hood has 6 ski areas.  At one of these areas, Timberline, you can ski all year round and even ride up to the top of the ski slope in a lift during the summer.  This is the only place in North America where you can do this.  Another thing that people do on Mt. Hood is go climbing.  Every year, between 15,000 and 20,000 people try to get to the top of the mountain.  There are 6 main approaches to Mt. Hood, and 30 different ways to reach the summit.  The climbs range in difficulty from 2 to 5.9+.

As of May 2002, more than 130 people had died while climbing Mt. Hood.  About 25 to 50 people need to be rescued in the recreational area every year.  This number has not grown, even though there are four times as many people visiting the mountain these days.  This is mostly because more people have cell phones and GPS devices.

Group from Mom's bus tour

When Mom was in Portland, she got to see Mt. Hood a whole bunch of times.  She did not go skiing or try to climb the mountain, which I think was very wise of her.  Mom just liked to look at the mountain because we don't have anything like it here in Missouri.  Which is kind of sad, when you think about it, because mountains are nice to look at.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

1940s Men Hairstyles

We all have heard that the fashion repeats itself and hairstyles of 1940s were pretty retro fashionable to be repeated in 2013-2014 and they are in fashion again now a days. If you want to go to a retro party or even a simple party then retro hairstyles could really come in handy giving you a sophisticated formal look which you would like to have to give than edge over others.
Old classic 1940s retro hairstyles for men
Men Hairstyles 1940s

In 1940s they used to have the flattop hairstyles along with crew cuts, now usually we see them on soldiers but back in the days they were the hot shots and could be these days too if styles properly. Other hairstyles were side flip hairstyles and back flip hairstyles which were low maintenance hairstyles back in the days and some of them actually look pretty well. Even stars like Harvey Specter from TV Show Suits has the same back flipped hairstyles along with other celebs like Henry Cavill.

The best ways to make the 1940s hairstyles were to grow little bangs and make them go way back from the ears hence giving a consistent wave to them. For giving the proper styling after combing they used Vaseline or lard to make the hair stand where they belong. The vintage hairstyles looks good on a party or a vintage party and many modern age stars also still have those hairstyles. Check the best looking vintage hairstyles of 1940s in the pictures.

How to Make 1940s Hairstyle For Men

1940s Hairstyle Pictures

1940s men hairs
1940s Side Flick

1940 1950 hairstyles

men classic hairstlyes

crew cuts 1940s men hairstyle

crew cut back style

best 19xx men hairstyle

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matt LeBlanc turned 46

Whenever the name of Friends will come, you'll surely remember the star Casanova of the show Joey, who always gets the girl so easily. He was the star of the show who got the girl even by saying a simple line like 'How you doing?' yeah no cliche or creative imaginative line. He was a pure entertainer of the show and will be for us, as we like to watch friends every now and then.

friends joey matt leblanc 2013 picture

Today is Matt LeBlanc's 46th birthday, a crucial birthday indeed as he is out of serious work now a days and you could see he likes getting old now. Recently, when asked about a Friends Reunion episode, he replied humorously that it would be good to have some money out of the episode.  As for now his personal life isn't that interesting so we guess we won't want to discuss it any further.

It is a big shout from our side, saying Happy Birthday Matt LeBlanc and may you have many more and many more roles like Joey in your life ahead, we miss you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Direction Broke the Record with 'Best Song Ever'

One Direction fans are pretty much alive and they have given the lesson to the people thinking that One Direction's popularity is descending. One Direction have launched their new song called 'Best Song Ever' and have broke the world record of maximum views in 24 hours, they got a total of 10.9 Million views in 24 hours and now has over 18 Million views, which means millions of people across the globe have appreciated their work.
one direction group photo wearing black tux

One Direction who premiered their music video on VEVO last Monday have successfully secured the first place by beating Miley Cyrus's all time teen favorite 'We Can't Stop' which was the previous record securing 10.7 Million views. But we guess a lot of people search the term 'Best Song Ever' on youtube and it was a really clever move to choose a title like that, and thats what made the difference, after all One Direction Boys got brains. The song is really good, check it out,

One Direction boy band is now a days busy with their film One Direction: This is US releasing August 30th, but you will see them in action on August 11 performing the first off tune of their upcoming film at the open Fox's Teen Choice.

Monday, July 22, 2013

BMW R1200R a Dream Bike?

You might have seen a bike which instantly turned your head around and in a reflexive way you would have said that this is the bike i need and it is my dream bike. Most of us had the dream and we just came across this beautiful piece of engineering which is crafted by the thoughts of LAZARETH, a BMW R1200R which is too damn hot.
cool bmw bike

A french client needed a 'neo-retro scrambler' and the guys at Lazareth granted his wish with this low-key BMW R1200R which is a muscular bike. Now the rear as you can see isn't clustered as they say 'We kept only the engine and the Paralever suspension at the rear' and they also widened the bike to give the proper bulked up look with the twinduro tires.

bmw custom bike r1200r

bmw r1200r

I don't know whether you like it or not, but we think it is a hot beast one of it's kind and you should totally take it for a ride when you want some action.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Mom is abandoning all of us dogs and cats again, which is a horrible and mean thing to do, if you ask me.  And the reason she is doing this is so that she can go to the convention of the Oregon-California Trails Association.  Last year, the convention was in Lawrence, Kansas, and Mom abandoned us to go there for a week.  But this year, the convention is in Portland, Oregon, which is a long, long ways off, like practically all the way to China.

Anyway, our foster kittens are going to spend a week at PetSmart, where maybe somebody will see how totally cute they are and adopt them.  Dorrie will be at Pooches' Paradise.  She went there one day last week to find out if she would like it, which she did because she got to play with another chihuahua named Moose.

The cats and I will have to stay at Dr. Patricia's office all week.  Mom said that all I do is sleep anyway, so there is no reason to pay extra for doggy daycare.  And maybe she is right.

Here's a picture of Mt. Hood, which is a famous mountain in Oregon.  Mom will get to see it.

The city of Portland is very close to Mt. Hood, so there is a good view of the mountain from there.

I will tell you more after Mom gets home and brings me some new pictures.  Until then, I guess my blog will have to be on vacation.

Look what Chris Brown did to his New Aventador!

We have seen Chris Brown bashing Rihanna, we have seen him hitting a random girl in a bar but this thing which he did with his Aventador is the ugliest thing he could have done any way. He has taken a Lamborghini Aventador, such a lovely man toy and turned it into a lolly pop by Chris Brown. The crazy paint job is just insane and we just hated the idea, see what you think.

Aventador the same car which Ronaldo got for his last birthday in a matte black color which is quite reasonable we guess, unlike this one. Lets just see how a man likes his ride rather than Chris Brown likes his cars.

You decide which car you like more considering the LP700-4 which costs around $400,000 and has unmached performance specs. But unfortunately, looks like a child car all thanks to Chris Brown!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Justin TimberLake and Jay Z Honored Trayvon Martin

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z are out on their "Legends of the Summer" tour and they are having a good time singing their songs. And last night they were out performing in the NYC stadium and during their closing number, they honored the victim of shooting named Trayvon Martin who was killed last year in an unfortunate event of shooting. They dedicated the song to the victim and asked the audience to collaborate with them by torching their mobile phones.

They were performing their last gig "Forever Young" when Jay shouted to the audience, "Everybody put a cell phone and light it up ... let's light the sky for Trayvon Martin tonight in here." TMZ told. Let's see he video now,

We think this was a good way of expressing that the 17 years old is still in their memory and they celebrated his memory with the song they sung.

Suits Season 3 Episode 1 Songs

suits season 3 cover
As we all know that suits has it's season 3 recently and the first episode is watched by millions of people across the globe. But, you may have wondered which song was it when Mike Ross entered the office to talk to Jessica Pearson or the 'I hope you make it alright' i wondered an that is why I decided to compile both the songs in a single post, so that you could enjoy the songs.

The first rock song played at the opening having the lyrics like,

I hope you'll make it alright
I hope you'll make it alright
make you mind up, you get right up
and march to the mouth of the meaningless line up
I hope you'll make it alright
I hope you'll make it alright
you can sell dust and stealing the day like
all that I care just as long as you're sleeping at night.

is the song named Sleeping at Night sung by Caught a Ghost, check it out here,

The Second song is when Mike Ross enters the office to give his resignation and ends up getting a new office, whose lyrics are like,

Fallen for a guy, fell down from the sky
Halo round his head
Feathers in a bed
In our bed, in our bed

The song is Sacrilege sung by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, check it out here.

Hope you like these songs too, because I liked them when I first watched the episode. Enjoy!

Kanya West Attempted Robbery!

Kanye West has been named as a felony suspect in LAX attack as told by TMZ, and the victim has suffered visible injuries the police confirmed and that Kanye West would face charges against him which are assault and theft. Yeah, Kanye is now a thief and is wanted by the police. The incident occurred when he tried to snatch the camera of a photographer and he resisted to give it away. And you know Kanye, he beat the shit out of him.

kanye west snatching photographer camera

The case has been forwarded to Robbery Homicide unit and the file is being compiled against Kanye West after the confirmation by the police that the victim actually suffered from injuries, what do you expect after getting a beating from Kanye West? I guess the photographer would not attempt any celebrity shots for the rest of his life because remember the mad fishes like Kanye West are in the sea of Hollywood.

Case would be reffered to L.A County D.A for possible verdict, and Kanye is most likely to get charged against him. The victim was taken to the hospital as soon as Kanye left him and he is eager to press charges against him. We don't know why people even care to take kanye's pics?

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Amur leopards are CRITICALLY ENDANGERED, which is right next-door to being extinct in the wild.  In 2007, only 14-20 adults and 5-6 cubs were counted in habitat, which is not very many.  They live in an area of about 1,200 square miles along the border between China and North Korea.  Some of them used to live in Russia, but there are none there now.  Other names for the Amur leopard are Panthera pardus orientalis, Far Eastern leopard, Korean leopard, and Manchurian leopard.

There are more Amur leopards in captivity than there are in the wild.  As of December 2011, there were 176 of them in zoos around the world.  Recently, we got our very own Amur leopard right here at the Kansas City Zoo.  Her name is Natalia, and she is 10 years old.  Mom wants to go see her, but not until the weather is cooler.

The Kansas City Zoo's Natalia

Anyway, there is a group called ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance) that is trying to save the Amur leopard.  They are doing this by helping fight poachers, and by educating school children about the leopards.  Also, they are trying to get more of the animals that leopards like to eat back into the leopards' range.  And eventually, they may try to put some Amur leopards into the wild again.  Other problems that make life hard for wild leopards include loss of habitat, climate change, and inbreeding due to the small population.

Male Amur leopards mostly live by themselves until it's time to mate.  The territory that a leopard claims for him- or herself can be anywhere from 19 to 120 square miles.  As long as there is plenty of food within this territory, the leopard will stay in it.  The favorite things Amur leopards like to eat are roe deer, sika deer, Manchurian wapiti, musk deer, moose and wild pig.  If none of those are available, they might prey on hares, badgers, fowl, and mice.

Photo by Mark Hughes
The coat of an Amur leopard is thicker than the coats of other leopards.  Their fur is soft, long, and dense.  A male's body is about 42" to 54" long and 25" to 31" high at the shoulder.  Males weigh between 71 and 110 pounds, and females between 55 and 94 pounds.  An Amur leopard can run 37 mph, jump more than 19 feet horizontally and 10 feet vertically.

Mother and cub, Minnesota Zoo
Photo by Makeenosman

When Amur leopards are about 2 or 3 years old, they start making baby leopards.  They can keep doing this until they are 10-15 years old.  After a pair mates, it takes about 90-105 days before the cubs are born.  Usually there are 2 or 3 cubs, and they weigh about a pound or 1.5 pounds when they are first born.  When they are about two months old, they come out of their den and might start eating some meat.  But they can still nurse until they are 5 or 6 months old.  After that, the young leopards may stay with their mothers for as long as 2 years.  We know this because of radio tracking.

I hope those people who are trying to save the Amur leopards are able to do that because they are very cool-looking cats.  But I would not want to be close to one in person because I think it would just eat me, which wouldn't be pleasant!  I might want to go see Natalia at the zoo, but dogs are not allowed there, so I guess I will just look at the pictures of leopards!