Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Selena Gomez new video ''Come and Get It''

Twenty years old Selena Gomez is popular in news because of her new music video ''Come and get It''. her bold appearance has amazed the fans. She is young and getting so much attention due to her this video. She is already in headlines because of her affair with Justin Bieber. The song is going to be a hit because of her sizzling appearance. Here is the behind the scenes photo of her which she shared on Twitter.

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Monday, April 29, 2013


The kittens turned 8 weeks old yesterday, so Mom took a bunch of new pictures of them.  They will get neutered and spayed on May 7.  They all weigh over 2 pounds already, except for Esmé, who weighs 1 pound, 14.5 ounces.  So by the 7th, they should all be big enough for their surgery.

Some people came over a few nights ago, and they met all the kittens.  They already thought they wanted Edward, and they decided they would also take Etienne, so those two are spoken for.  There are some other people who want a white kitten, which means that their only choice now would be Esmé.  If they adopt her, then we will only have one kitten left to find a home for, and that is Erica.

Of course, Eliza will also need to have a home.  But first her milk has to dry up and she has to get spayed.  Mom was talking to Aunt Tania yesterday about maybe trying to get Eliza to nurse some "bottle baby" kittens, if any more come in during the next week or two.  There are just way too many kittens right now, and all the foster homes are full.

Anyway, here are the latest photos of our own kittens.  I am sure they are much cuter than anybody else's kittens.

Here's Esmé:

And here's Esmé having a discussion with Chloe:

This is Erica:

And Erica exploring Mom's plants:

Edward likes the Kitten Tower:

And he also likes playing with his mama:

Etienne is exploring the bathroom:

After they romp around for a while, the kittens all line up at the milk bar.  It's harder to get in there than it used to be because the kittens have grown a lot.

Eliza doesn't let them nurse very long these days.  When she gets tired of them, she just gets up and goes away, because sometimes all she wants to do is lie around by herself!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Julianne Hough Latest Shot April 2013

The professional dancer has some latest photos in Miami. The sizzling photos have hit the magazines. Young actress is famous for her bold movies. In these pictures she is on the beach taking some sunlight and wearing bikini. She is also a singer and have sung many songs including ''You You You'' and ''Jingle Bell Rock''. Here are the photos.

Kate Hudson Gets a surprise Birthday Party

Thirty four years Kate Hudson old gets a surprise birthday party on her birthday. She was excited when she know about a bash which was done by her husband.

The party held at the New York. It was freezing and people enjoyed it by dancing. Kate also did dance. She had the great exciting moments.

Judd Apatow, Leslie Man and Cameron Diaz were the famous attendees who make this party more special for Kate Hudson. She had great birthday party moments.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Motorola Razr HD

Motorola has launched the Motorola Razr HD. It is an emerging brand in the market with latest phones. From economic point of view it is the best to buy. It is cheap in rate with the all spec you see in other latest smart phones.

It is also seen as the best alternative for Samsung Galaxy S3. As it has Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 as its operating system. The phone is good looking with huge battery and with huge battery timings.

The camera is 8MP and RAM is 1GB.


Yiddish is a language that got started between 900 and 1100 C.E.  It is pretty much a mix of medieval German and Hebrew, and it is written with the characters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Yiddish was spoken by the Jews who lived in central and eastern Europe.  At one time, about 100 years ago, 11 million of the 18 million Jews in the world understood the language.  A lot of these people spoke Yiddish as their main language.  But then Jewish people stopped living so much in isolated little communities.  And also, during World War II a lot of Jews got killed.  Which meant there weren't as many people speaking Yiddish anymore.

Nowadays, fewer than 250,000 people in the U.S. speak Yiddish.  About half of these people live in New York.  But even if they can't really speak the language, most Jews know a bunch of Yiddish words.  And quite a few of those words got adopted into English, and we all use them.  Most people probably know more Yiddish words than they think they do.

Here are some of the most familiar words:

OY VEY -- People say this when they feel pain or sadness or horror.  Or sometimes just when they are annoyed or exasperated.

SCHMOOZE -- To hang out with somebody while you do some friendly chatting and gossiping.

NOODGE -- To pester, nag, or whine, especially if you're trying to get somebody to do something.

TUCHES, TUSH (TUSHY) -- This is your butt, bottom, or rear end.  In a basenji, the tushy can be very cute!

CHUTZPAH -- Nerve or gall.

KLUTZ -- Somebody who is awkward and uncoordinated.

KOSHER -- Originally, it meant food that is prepared according to Jewish law.  But now it also means something that is legitimate and okay to do.

YENTA -- A talkative, busybody woman who gossips about everybody's business.

SHLEP -- To carry something around.  A variation is shlepper, which means somebody who doesn't have any ambition.

Okay, well, here are some Yiddish words you might not know, but they could be really useful for you to learn and use.  Mom wouldn't let me put any "naughty" Yiddish words in my list, even though there are quite a few of them.  Mom says I have to keep my blog G-Rated because kids read it sometimes.

SCHNORRER -- A beggar, somebody who whines until he gets what he wants.

TCHATCHE -- Little knick-knacks and toys that you might find at a garage sale or thrift shop.  Also, it can mean a trophy wife or pretty young thing.

NUDNIK -- A pest , a bore, a pain in the neck.

SHMATTA -- A rag.  Also used to describe somebody's unfashionable clothing.

GONIF-- A thief or tricky person.  Somebody that you can't really trust.

KVETCH -- To gripe or annoy.  To be an annoying person.

MESHUGGE or MESHUGGINA -- Crazy (in a long-term way).

MISHEGOSS -- Crazy, bizarre actions or beliefs.

NEBBISH or SHLEMIEL -- Someone who is crazy or inadequate.  A dummy, a loser.

MENSCH -- A person with a lot of character.  Someone who is recognized for how noble and good he is.

Anyway, my advice to you is to always try to be a mensch, even if it might be more fun to be a nudnik!

Friday, April 26, 2013

U.S Virgin Islands Beaches

For beaches Brazil speacially Rio de Janeiro is famous but the United States, the neighboring country of Brazil has enough beaches which are famous among the world. The beauty attracts the tourists and parties, resorts and women are the factors which make them to come and visit again and again. Virgin Islands is also famous for its beaches as there are the number of vacation points near the beaches. So if you have a dream to have a memorable vacations than visit U.S Virgin Islands beaches.

Tim Cook talks about iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, cleared the rumors

Tim Cook the CEO of Apple Inc, says that iPhone 5s is going to be launch in coming July. According to him there will be no change in the size of iPhone 5s. It will be same in size as iPhone 5. The hardware and software will be more efficient and improved as from the previous products. iPhone 5s will come with the iOS 7. For iPhone 6 there is no exact idea about the design. There are rumors that iPhone 6 will be long. Till the end of this year iPhone 6 has no chance to launch or introduce.

iPhone 5s

Angelina Jolie most viewed Photos

Thirty seven years old Angelina Jolie is the world's famous actress. By this we mean she has won the number of awards including Screen Actors, Global Awards, Academy Awards, Oscar and others. She is lead actress, screenplay writer, film director and the official member of United Nations. She has a huge number of fans and this fan following is increasing by no exact figures. Everyone who knows Hollywood knows Angelina Jolie. The huge list of her super hit movies shows that how big a star she is. Here are some of her most viewed photos on Google.

A photo of Angelina Jolie with horse ready for Auction

Well Angelina Jolie has photographed with the horse this time. This lady is always in the headlines. This time with a new photo in which she is getting wild with the horse. Usually horses are famous for their power but this time there is a different matter. The horse is with the famous actress, close enough to her.

The picture is ready for auction. The price may be more than $50,000. It may start from the $50,000? There are many fans which are going for the auction.

Brad Pitt is saying that he would buy this photo. This photo is topless. Well after reading this now you are curious to see this. Here the epic pic is.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

2012 Woman Back Tattoos Photos Images